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The Story Behind Bloom

Hi, I’m Lindsey! We may have already met, but if not - I hope you'll follow us on social media to get to know us a little better!

This truck is something special, and completely new to Jacksonville. I wanted to share a little more behind the idea of starting this business.

Bloom came to me while I was sitting in the car on the way to my corporate job, listening to a podcast, thinking of how I was going to be sitting inside all day under fluorescent lights and not getting any fresh air.

I had heard about the flower truck industry and it sounded like something I could see adding value to not only my own life, but to the community in Jax.

As a navy wife I have had to really learn the meaning behind “bloom where you’re planted” and I figured that through flowers, I could bring joy to those who are currently doing the same.

You can catch me around Murray Hill walking my dog or enjoying the fresh air around Riverside with my husband. We’re always up for meeting new friends in the community so please come trade smiles with us!

Our truck came to us from a fellow Kei Truck enthusiast in Tokyo, Japan. She sailed the ocean in a carrier all the way to Jacksonville and became ours in November. She’s totally drive-able, but due to her small stature she can’t go down the highway or over any of our major bridges easily.

If you would like to see her in your neck of Jax, let us know and we will see how we can get her over to you - just know that she takes extra time to travel anywhere east of the St. John’s River.

We can't wait to meet you & brighten your day with fresh blooms!


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