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Caring For Your Flowers

Congratulations on bringing home your new bundle of joy - a bunch of fresh blooms that are going to brighten your day! Your flowers should last anywhere from 7-10 days with proper care.

Upon arriving at their new home, place them in lukewarm water while you get your supplies ready. Begin by trimming the stems with clean shears. Keeping bacteria at bay is paramount to preserving the life of your flowers.

The general recommendation for flowers if that the stems are 1.5 times as long as your vase/ jug/ container. Once you have trimmed your stems to your desired length, gently remove any leaves that will be at or below the water line. Leaves in water breed bacteria and will dirty your water very quickly.

Next, clean your vase thoroughly. A clean home is a happy home! Place your stems in the vase, and fill generously with lukewarm water - we feel shocked in ice cold water, and flowers will too!

A fresh drink of water is what will preserve your blooms, but a drip of bleach will keep bacteria from growing and keep your flowers looking beautiful the longest. Place them in indirect sunlight, in an area they can be admired frequently (this is very important).

Each day, replace the previous days’ water completely, and watch how long your flowers bring joy to you!


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