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BLOOMing in our Community

Being an active member of our neighborhood business community is very important to me as a business owner. I knew when I started BLOOM that getting involved would be a priority!

BLOOM is proud to partner with small businesses in the Jacksonville community, and I wanted to take the time to shine a light on a few that we've had the honor of working with quite a few times since we launched in March.

They have welcomed us to the small business scene, they've opened their doors (and parking lots) for BLOOM to bring joy to their customers, and have made us feel at home.

We are thankful for our beer-loving friends who have supported our Brews & Blooms pop up ideas: Priya and Alex at Town Beer in Murray Hill and the team at Ruby Beach Brewing downtown. We love collaborating and bringing joy with fresh flowers.

"We’re very thankful for y’all being there. We aren’t there so much these days after having the little one ... It’s been a rough year and having your beautiful truck out front drives so much traffic and helps us a lot. Thank you guys for all of your help!" - Alex M., Owner of Town Beer

BLOOM has also been welcomed warmly by Will and Samantha, the owners of Vagabond Coffee and proprietors of the Vagabond Flea! Our little truck has made multiple appearances at the Flea and we love being able to share our flowers with our neighborhood at this great event.

I also want to do a special shout out to See The Girl. See The Girl is our main nonprofit partner and a very important organization to BLOOM.

"We engage communities, organizations, and individuals through research, advocacy, training, and model programming to advance the rights of girls, young women, and youth who identify as female, especially those impacted by the justice system."

BLOOM was honored to provide fresh bouquets for the speakers at one of their recent events- the See The Girl Monologues. I encourage you to visit their website and learn more about the positive impact they're making in Jacksonville and beyond! Click Here!

Thank you to ALL who have supported BLOOM this launch season. We love this community and love bringing joy!

See you around!



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